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On demand

SISSA SCICOM masterclasses offer customised training opportunities for groups with special requests, such as institutions, departments, European projects, museums staff, companies, NGOs, public administrations, health operators, environmental operators and more. The courses can include a combination of basic or advanced modules from the courses in agenda and those listed below. They can be held online or at your own premises. Get in touch for more information if you are interested.

Courses on demand can include a combination of basic or advanced modules from the courses in agenda and/or the following modules:

  • Public perception of science  
  • Science communication in the different disciplines  
  • Storytelling   
  • Public speaking   
  • Videomaking   
  • Science podcast  
  • Science journalism   
  • Preparing for a media interview  
  • Writing research papers  
  • How to give a dynamic presentation  
  • How to organize scientific posters  
  • Preparing for an academic interview  
  • Effective slide preparation  
  • Communicating with policy makers  
  • Risk communication  
  • Responsible research and innovation
  • Controversial issues and participatory procedures  
  • Festivals, open days and science cafés: how to organize a public science event  
  • Online interactions  
  • Science exhibition development  
  • Evaluating public engagement activities  
  • Facilitating face-to-face interactions
  • Identity and culture when communicating science  
  • Reaching difficult audiences – social inclusion and scientific citizenship  
  • Inquiry Based learning: supporting science education in an open schooling environment  
  • Gender equality and the promotion of STEM for girls