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Peer to peer science communication - Papers, presentations and more

Communication is an essential tool in any scientist’s personal toolbox. It is through communication that researchers share their results and ideas, find collaborations and funding, build their own careers. This course will provide participants with insight and techniques on how to effectively communicate with their peers in the most common situations they are likely to face, such as writing papers, attending a conference, or using social networks.  

Who is this course for?

PhD students and young researchers in natural sciences with little experience in communicating with peers or wishing to get new insights.

What will you learn?

Read, listen to and look at science stories from a different perspective

Select and organize your research results in different formats

Basic skills for slide preparation and public speaking

Use the main social platforms in a productive way

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All modules include short lessons and practical activities. Exercises are carried out individually or in groups and always discussed collectively.

Module 1: Writing scientific papers 

Module 2: How to give a dynamic presentation 

Module 3: How to organize scientific posters 

Module 4: Social media for scientists 

Hand-outs materials and further readings will be provided during and after the course.


Start upon reaching the minimun number of 12 participants


SISSA, Trieste

Number of participants

min 12/max 20

Training hours



600 €

Participation certificate

Available upon request